Mechanical and Electrical Design Services

Our vastly experience team of engineers and technicians develop the design of M&E services across a wide range of building types from inception to fully detailed and coordinated working drawings.

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Draughting and Coordination

We use the latest software suites from Autodesk to produce high quality 2D drawings and fully coordinated 3D models incorporating as required intensive COBie integration.

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Sustainable and Low Energy Design

We undertake dynamic thermal modelling utilising the IES Virtual Environment Suite to model energy performance, thermal comfort and enable the production of BRUKLs and EPCs. Helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in buildings.

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AVUS Consulting Ltd

Mechanical & Electrical Design Consultants

Covering Projects ranging in size from £50k to £60M across all sectors including commercial offices, industrial, logistics and large scale residential; with particular expertise in the healthcare and education sectors.

AVUS Consulting was formed in 2003 from the design wing of a mechanical and electrical contracting company - this first-hand experience of services contracting has given it a unique perspective and ‘hands-on’ knowledge seldom found within traditional M&E consultancies, whilst still being autonomous from the commercial imperatives which drive construction companies.

Since its formation AVUS has continued to develop its ethos of adopting practical engineering solutions. This includes ensuring designs are commissionable and the specification of reliable equipment with readily sourced service capabilities. In short they work with architects to think schemes through to ensure that conceptual ideas develop into real, practical, buildable engineering without compromise that meets the End User's requirements and expectations.

AVUS Consulting fully commit to every project and play an active role in the wider design process, frequently working beyond the written limitations of its conditions of engagement to ensure that the project progresses smoothly through to full operation. Part of its commitment to providing a ‘full service’ is that the drawings and specifications it produces are thorough, complete, fully engineered and coordinated, giving architect, engineer and client the confidence that what is drawn is what will be installed. This approach ensures that there are no unwanted surprises during construction.

As part of its design process AVUS utilises extensive 3D computer modelling and simulation for both mechanical and electrical services. Dynamical Thermal Modelling allows the comparison of multiple design options to provide the optimum solution; balancing capital costs, occupant comfort, carbon emissions and energy costs. Fully rendered 3D models can be created to show the effects of daylight and proposed artificial lighting. Such simulations enable AVUS to provide Clients with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the building’s life-cycle performance.