+ Stoke Sixth Form College Stoke Sixth Form College

Project Value: £33 million

This modern, safe, state of the art building serves over 2,000 students. The building is part of the New University Quarter an important segment of the Stoke Regeneration Project. Atria are used to create a variety of environments to facilitate the students’ individual learning needs and fostering a shared vision of integrated learning. The modern and contemporary Design forms a striking landmark on the interchange of the West Coast rail-line and Leek Road.

The M & E services were designed to suit the flexible occupancy demanded by the Student mix and range of courses available, with heating, cooling and lighting that automatically responds to occupancies minimising energy use throughout. The building’s “Very Good” BREEAM rating was achieved through close team-working with the Architect and Contractor to maximise passive measures comprising thermal insulation, air tightness and high specification glazing systems to provide high thermal performance and excellent atria day-lighting.

These passive systems were integrated with low carbon engineering encompassing highly responsive lighting control systems, high efficiency central plant, inverter driven fans and pumps throughout, photo-voltaic panels and solar-thermal domestic hot water generation.

In addition to low carbon technologies BREEAM credits were achieved for water conservation measures including low water use appliances, leak detection equipment and a rainwater harvesting system.

Best Building - Urban Vision’s Architecture and Urban Design Awards 2010
“The new Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College is of significant architectural merit and is evidence of the step-change in design quality that is taking place in North Staffordshire. The building is open, welcoming and vibrant and cannot fail to delight those that use it.”

Design Review Panel - Urban Vision

Stoke Sixth Form College
Stoke Sixth Form College

+ Arts University Bournemouth - Enterprise Pavilion - hide

AUB Enterprise Pavilion
AUB Enterprise Pavilion

Arts University Bournemouth - Enterprise Pavilion

Project Value: £2.2 million

The Enterprise Pavilion nurtures a dynamic young creative community. Business start-up units are housed in modular timber boxes that are slung within lightweight steel frames. These and a high-spec digital imaging facilities house, which takes the form of an austere timber cube, are arranged around an atrium that acts as a covered outdoor square, sheltered by a tent-like fabric canopy roof. Delicate access galleries and bridges carrying circulation and services wrap around the business unit wings and span the atrium voids, lending the building form a complex layered filigree appearance.

The M & E Services were designed to be in tune with the Architect’s vision of the building and its diverse uses and occupants.

The interior cube incorporates functionally expressed services providing comfort cooling and ventilation.

The Business Start-Up units are serviced by underfloor heating and one of this country’s first automated natural ventilation solutions built into the exterior walls. This system provides user-controlled ventilation during the day and automatic purge ventilation during the night.

The accommodation is linked by a naturally ventilated atrium street with interconnecting services and lighting integrated within the architectural steel walkways spanning the atrium, and leading to a tented exhibition area with automatic passive smoke ventilation system.

“The Enterprise Pavilion self-evidently fulfils the college’s desire for a landmark building and a gateway to the campus - something that should put a little known art college on the wider British & European map”

Building Magazine

+ Kings Cliffe Endowed Primary School Kings Cliffe Endowed Primary School

Project Value: £4.3 million

This Primary School is situated on the elevated Playing fields of a 1970’s building it replaced. The new school is sited on a plateau set a storey above the access with wide steps and ramps constructed in split facing block. This stone coloured block is repeated in the balanced architectural composition, alongside brick, Siberian larch and metal standing seam roofs. The whole is brought together by an entrance colonnade and canopy, which shelters a number of entrances and screens various roof forms behind.

Internally, the highlight is the Learning Resource centre, where our interior design provides a mezzanine reading area, stage, integrated seating with bookcases and a child height only ‘secret’ door.

The school is a highly efficient A rated EPC building with features including photo-voltaic panels, triple glazed windows and super insulated construction. The building has been designed to maximise the use of natural/passive systems to ensure low energy use in operation with the classroom provided with cross flow ventilation utilising high level electrically actuated windows on the corridor side of each classroom. In addition the building orientation and form have been carefully considered to regulate the internal conditions to achieve a comfortable space for the occupants - this incorporates factors including very deep roof overhangs to limit solar glare and excessive solar gain during summer months but allowing for beneficial solar warmth during the winter).

Kings Cliffe Endowed Primary School
Kings Cliffe Endowed Primary School

+ Leicester BSF - Fullhurst Community College - hide

Fullhurst Community College

Leicester BSF - Fullhurst Community College

Project Value: £12 million
  • Client: Miller Construction
  • Period: 2008-2010
  • Size: 10,500m2
  • Pupils: 1,000 Mixed 11-16
  • Project Type: New Build/Refurbishment
  • AVUS Scope: Full Detailed Design

+ Leicester BSF - Judgemeadow Community College Leicester BSF - Judgemeadow Community College

Project Value: £15 million
  • Client: Miller Construction
  • Period: 2008-2010
  • Size: 12,000m2
  • Pupils: 1,200 Mixed 11-16
  • Project Type: New Build
  • AVUS Scope: Full Detailed Design

Judgemeadow Community College