+ Project Transit - Berendsen PLC Project Transit - Berendsen PLC

Services Value: £5 million

This new 60,000 sqft commercial laundry facility based in Southampton is designed to allow the processing of over 1 million individual items of medical and hospital laundry per week.

The project required working closely with various manufacturers of the laundry plant and equipment, to design the building services required to operate this new ultra-efficient commercial process facility. The M&E systems in the development included energy efficient heat recovery systems, a major water treatment facility, water reclamation systems, steam and compressed air distribution and extensive process ventilation systems.

Project Transit - Berendsen PLC - External
Project Transit - Berendsen PLC - Internal

+ Project Eden – Didcot - hide

Project Eden – Didcot - External
Project Eden – Didcot - Internal

Project Eden – Didcot

Project Value: £18 million

Project Size - 300,000sqft

This two stage project commenced with the Base Build followed by an extensive fit-out transformation of this industrial unit into a state-of-the-art book distribution centre for Hatchette, who ship in excess of 60 million books each year and supply one out of every four books sold in the UK. This centre is one of the most advanced distribution centres in Europe, with leading-edge automation including an automated shuttle system for picking 4 million books and over 2 miles of conveyor and shuttle run. The project included a 3-storey office block and 242,200 sq ft of warehousing including a bulk packing area capable of storing 28 million books in 35 aisles of 20m high racking.

+ Kingsley Beverages Kingsley Beverages

Project Value: £12 million

Project Size - 145,000sqft

This project provided a purpose-built manufacturing, bottling and distribution facility at Peterborough Gateway for Kingsley Beverages. The building has a clear internal height of 12.5m and is provided with.7no. dock levellers and 4no. level access doors. The unit has a PET line production capacity for 20,400 bottles per hour and a canning line with capacity of 36,000 cans per hour which allow distribution through the UK as well as export to Kingsley operations across the globe.

The scope covered the main building construction as well as £6million of base build enhancements/ fit-out works related to the soft drinks production. This included the transformation of the warehouse area to incorporate production facilities, flavour rooms, effluent tanks and 120 tonne sugar silos, alongside a 4,500sqft extension to the office area which houses additional staff welfare accommodation. Key challenges of the project included the specialist drainage required due to the production processing involved and the strict ATEX requirements due to the fine powders utilised. Other specialist services included sprinklers, compressors, CO2 distribution and specialist water treatment.

Kingsley Beverages - External
Kingsley Beverages - Internal